Autonomous robot arms to 3D-print a bridge in Amsterdam

hi guys,

made a search for this on ATS, didn’t find a similar thread so thought I would share.
Pretty cool… and a bit scary as well hehe.
I always thought there were a bright side and a dark side to Rapid prototyping technologies and 3D printing.

autonomous robot arm to 3D print a bridge in

Bright side: it alows amazing things to be done, especially in the RD area. allows searchers to go faster, concepts to be foolproofed and solutions
applied instantly to serious issues (prosthetics)…
also a great tool for serious entrepreneurs and ingeneers.

Dark side: all the “everyone will have a 3D printer at home very soon” thing goign on. I mean we can’t even deal with industrial waste and mass
consumption bi-products and packaging wastes…
If everyone starts printing his 3D effigie self portrait and creating plastic bits everywhere for the sake of it I think it sucks.

Also now that I see this i can’t help but seing a grim self replicating robotic “we don’t need no humans no more” future. my slightly dystopian brain
couldn’t avoid “making a bridge” betwen this video and this video

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