Author Presents Analysis on the Prediction of the Occupy Movement

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

According to author Khondakar Golam Mowla, “the present Occupy Wall Street movement is nothing but the revolution started by Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) about 2000 years ago when he drove money exchangers who were doing interest/usury-based business from the Temple Mount/al-Aqsa Mosque/Dome of the Rock.” In his new book “The Judgment Against Imperialism, Fascism and Racism Against Caliphate and Islam: Volume 1” (published by AuthorHouse), he seeks to clear up misunderstandings about Islam while indicting nations that have oppressed their Muslim populations.

In this well-researched and comprehensive book, Mowla makes strong allegations about the structure of nations worldwide and provides extensive evidence to warrant these claims. Mowla also seeks to vindicate the honor of Muslims worldwide through historical fact and encourage the establishment of the Caliphate, the head of the Muslim community.

Citing statistics from the World Institute for Development of Economics Research of the United Nations University in 2000: “[The study] found the richest one percent of adults owned 40 percent of global assets in the year 2000, and that the richest 10 percent of adults accounted for 85 percent of the world’s total,” Mowla writes. “In contrast, the assets of half of the world’s adult population account for barely one percent of global wealth.” These statistics point to an extreme degree of inequality around the world, as has been further illustrated by the current Occupy movement. Further questioning the reasoning and justice behind a one world order, Mowla writes, “Who will bomb those who are responsible for the usury based world economy instead of bombing the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham (i.e.: Iraq) and the genocide occurring in Iraq, Afghanistan, northern Pakistan and all Arab countries?”

Mowla goes on to question the ethics and justification behind current world politics and economics as it applies to the oppression of the Muslim world by the Western world, especially in regards to the Caliphate. In “The Judgment Against Imperialism, Fascism and Racism Against Caliphate and Islam”, Mowla writes:

“This book is based on following address of the Right Hon. Syed Ameer Ali, the first Muslim as well the first Indian, to be member of British Privy Council, on Islam in the League of Nations in 1919. His speech is summary of my book. He was greatest Judge of Indian subcontinent (present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) during his life time and as such no one must argue against the necessity of Caliphate. He was not a Terrorist, the ill word which is used against present Muslims who ever try to use or work or struggle (Jihad, peaceful Jihad without war, killing and destruction) in favor of the word Caliph or Caliphate. Let mankind decide which is right or wrong for mankind in general and World Muslims in particular. I documented all historical fact, truth and only truth in this book from all kind of sources and as such this book is not a story telling or myth, but fact of history for those who has some morality to Judge between wrong and right, between bad and good and between war, killing destruction of wealth and permanent peace for all mankind. The Caliph/Khalifah is the spiritual leader; unless there is a Caliph/Khalifah the Muslim prayers are not valid according to Right Hon. Syed Ameer Ali as he mentioned during his speech on Islam in the League of Nations in 1919. Thus there is no nationalism in Islam like Iraq or Saudi Arab or Egypt etc. as all are part of one nation, Caliphate/Khilafah”.

About the Author

Khondakar Golam Mowla was born in West Bengal, India. He has a degree in commerce and various training in computer-related software tools like COBOL, SAP, Solaris and Legato/networker, etc. He has more than 30 years of experience in IT, including around 15 years in the USA and ten years’ IT experience in USA organizations like CARE Bangladesh and other USAID-funded projects in Bangladesh. He is has 3 other books including “The Election of Caliph/Khalifah”, “World Peace” and “The Judgment Against Imperialism, Fascism and Racism Against Caliphate and Islam: Volume 2”.

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