As the clouds of deception start gathering around
There’s a place on the net where freaks can be found
Anyone can join and anyone can leave
But when you converse, wear your heart on your sleeve

Banskters, politicians and control of the crowd
We know what you’re up to, and expose you we’ve vowed
No subject too touchy, we’re in for the fight
If it exists on this planet, it exists on this site

UFO’s, aliens and things that go “bump”
We sorta look at the world like Forest Gump
The sheeple, the masses, seem so unaware
Of those things on this planet that are way-out-there.

We come here to laugh, we come here to discuss,
But beware the Mods banned-hammer, which you’ll cop if you cuss
So much intellect, so much information,
The members here could start their own Nation.

So join us here on ATS
Lets help clean up this mess
Its time to let the whole world know….
Those that want our freedom….are our foe.


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