ATS Regent

Hello Candidates and fellow members alike,

I had posted a question in the official election thread and unfortunately, it was only met with two candidates having the courtesy to answer them. No
need to mention them but their answers have been duly noted.

There are currently 30 unofficial parties running for the ATS Regency. 30
candidates that are willing to make ATS better, or funnier, all depending.

I have read some platforms that talk about changing the world one member at a time, and while I admire such intentions, I also believe that the
Regency stands for “By members, for the members” and as such, the platforms themselves should reflect on what they would do for ATS and its

Big thanks to Beezzer for coming out with such an idea. I have come to hate politics, its double swords, the corruption and its power trips. The ATS
Election thread has sparked a renewed interest.

But many platforms are evasive, unclear and somewhat undefined when it comes to ATS. So here are a few questions that are ATS oriented.

1 – Would you suggest altering, changing or creating new Boards?

If so, please expand as to the reason why.

2 – How do you feel about the Flags?

Not to be touched? To be altered or taken out? Would you suggest another way of rewarding threads?
Please expand.

3 – How do you feel about the Stars?

Any changes you would suggest to that form of recognition? Please expand.

4 – What would you DO to reinforce the TC?

Please expand.

5 – What would you suggest to help out new members arriving?

Please, no links to already made up threads on this subject. I would like YOUR opinion. Please expand.

6 – What would you DO to help lurkers turn into avid participants?

The lurking here is huge. Often met with criticism and arrogance, the member in lurking mode would most probably like to participate but hesitates.
What would you concretely DO to change this situation?
Please expand.

7 – What would you suggest to promote ATS, that already doesn’t exist?

No links to already made up threads please. Let’s see your creativity at work here. Please expand.

8 – What would be your stance on trolling?

Trolls will always be. But what would you do about it? Please expand.

9 – The WATS system. Any changes you would recommend?

Please expand.

10 – Finally, what makes you different from the other candidates?

Basically, why would a member vote for you instead of another? Please state your reasons.

Hopefully, this will help some members that are still on the fence, in making a right decision as to who would be prepared to become the first ATS

Looking forward to your answers. This is not a debate thread.

One already is in place.

I encourage other members that do not run in this campaign to add to those questions and/or participate in clearing things up.


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