Astral Projection…for lack of a better term…

Astral projection…at least that’s what it used to be called. I don’t know if there is a new name for it now or not.

When I was young, from the age of 8 thru 10, then again at 14 and 15, I had the ability to astral project. I started talking about it with my family
when I was 8 or 9. They laughed it off like it was nothing. But then I proved it. They stopped laughing.

Our neighborhood was full of very bright street lights. There was one on every corner, and two or three along each side of the residential block,
depending on the size of the block. By far, most of the lights were the bright white kind. Some were yellow, and every once in a while was that odd
pinkish tinted one.

I was only 8 at the time. I wasn’t allowed to leave our block and I had to come in when the street lights came on, which I did. But when I started
talking about being able to fly when I was asleep my family, of course, laughed. Until I said I could prove it. I told them if they would drive me
around I would tell them which color lights were on what block and which lights were out. After a few days they finally agreed to drive me around the

As we neared each corner I would say something like, “Two yellow on the left, one pink half way on the right and the one on the corner is broken.”
My brother was driving. He would get to the corner and stop and everyone would look down the street in both directions and say if I was right or
wrong. I never missed. I even remember once I said, “The next two blocks are all white, but one on the left side is broken.” We got to the corner
and there was a lift truck there fixing that light. That was the one that put it over the top as far as my family was concerned.

Then, for a couple of years, I couldn’t do it any more. But one day when I was fourteen I decided to really make an effort to do it. In the past it
was no effort at all, it just happened. I tried and tried and finally I had that same feeling again. I told my mother and she looked at me very
crossly and said, “You aren’t a child anymore. You cant say things like that now. People will think you’re crazy.”

Well, I am at a point in life now where I know what happened, and I really don’t care if anyone thinks I am crazy or not.

I could do this awake or asleep. Any time of day or night. It was effortless. In the beginning anyway.

Has anyone else experienced this? Did you lose the ability and get it back again? When you last did it, how old were you?

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