Are there Spirits, Ghosts, or a Paranormal Entity In My Room? (Pictures)

Hello ATS members, I hope you all are doing well.

Here goes my story. Started Sunday evening when coming home from an opera concert I was feeling fatigued and felt the onset of a potential cold.

Monday I woke up with a really sore throat and nasal congestion and major headaches. So I pretty much stayed in bed and drank my tea. Every night I
really got no sleep tossing and turning maybe got an hour or two of collective rest throughout the night.

Fast forward to yesterday, I was starting to feel “better” considering I started popping halls to soothe my throat and taking Ibuprofen every 6
hours. So definitely helped with pain control.

However, early in the morning after feeling really hot laying on my couch…I decided to go to my room to a more comfortable sleep apparatus and
cooler room.

At about 3:45 am I was just lying in bed trying to find a way to relax myself to sleep but still had a small throbbing headache. I was feeling a bit
fidgety still. For some reason, I randomly remembered my sister showing me pictures of her travel photos in Europe and together we saw noticed these
“spiritual orbs” in a couple photos.

So…I was thinking maybe there is something like that in my room so I took my SG3 phone off my night table and took 5 random shots with flash around
my room. In one picture I noticed something….

Continuing story…..more pics coming…

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