Are Some Murderings Planned From Above?

First of all, I apology for the grammar but I’m still improving my english. Feel free to correct me.

I want to bring to your attention a murdering case happened in Italy, 11dec2011. Here is just a random link from the news:…

Briefly here it is what happened:

Gianluca Casseri, who is now known by media to be a nazi extremist, killed for no apparent reasons two men from Senegal working in a market, wounding
a couple of others. Following the murdering, he has been chased by Police and Carabinieri to an underground car park and then, after some shooting, he
has been killed.

Now, I started asking myself, who was really Casseri?…

Reading what I could find about his life, he was actually a nazi sympathizer but what sort of?…

Put aside for a moment the historical responsabilities and men in black uniform killing foreigners, if you are a history enthusiast, you will see
nazism had a sort of “new age” component, talking about the hollow earth, population living underground and more mysthical (or paganic) roots. All
these theories were researched by “Ahnenerbe”… and as you can see, many arguments researched by Ahnenerbe are
the same discussed in this forum without be nazi enthusiasts.

Casseri basically had not a past as a hoolingan, did not spend his life beating people, he loved to read such theories, and then (be aware, always in
my opinio) he has been described by investigators and media as an extremist.

Back to what happened, one day he woke up, and decided to do an old style massacre, grabbed his 6 shots gun and listening to his antisemitic
theories, went for a slaughter.
Investigators added later he necessarily had accomplices, he could not do that alone. They strip searched theyr house and found… literally nothing!
His personal computers had theyr hard disks removed, and furnitures were removed, inducing investigators to think about a premeditated escape.

Then I asked myself, does an antisemitic man require accomplices to bring on a massacre with a 6 shots handgun (lol)? We can hear quite often about
real massacres, made with assault rifles and car bombs, and Italy has a long history about that. It is next to the Ex-Jugoslavia, it is known that 26%
of its GPD are from organized criminal activity ( do a google research, and you can bet it is not the only one country) so it is not that hard to
manage to get yourself something more proper. Does he needs to hide his hard disks and empty his house?

Now you are going to enjoy this video (we all love videos and pictures for prooving what we say). It is from the car park CCTV, even reported by
media, it shows the fight where Casseri died (not explicit but be aware anyways)…
Everything is happening behind the column in the upper right. Briefly here it is what I can see

at 1:00 you will see some dusty smoke on the ground, just next to the policman (i suppose it is the impact of a bullet)
at 1:05 you can see someone rising up his hands and then fall down (he died for a shot in his throat, and if this is correct, it is contrasting the
official version where he is reported dying fighting)
at 1:28 a very tall man wearing a black leather jacket comes to see what happened (say what you want, I bet he is a man working for the italian secret
at 1:32 someone not wearing a uniform runs off the scene hiding something

In my opinion, if you were that motivated, you do not surrender, either you shoot yourself when you have no escape, or try to kill as many as you can.
And I had the feeling he did surrender. Please be aware that this happened in Italy, a policeman killing a person always faces serious law
investigations, it is not as “easy” as in the USA or other countries.

Finally, what am I trying to say? If everything I wrote is correct, then I have the feeling that this is premeditated, but not from the murderer
himself, but for someone who plans such events. There are just too many inconsistencies.
I can report you another event happened always in Italy with many shadows, the Erba’s massacre…
Without going into further details, I can tell you they have always fiercly claimed to be innocent, and the intriguing part is how they have been
charged for murdering. When investigators asked the only one survivor a description of who did the murdering, they kept saying “it was Olindo correct?
Olindo tried to kill you” and the victim never said that name before.

A curious thing is the date, it happened 11dec2006. Casseri did kill on 11dec2011. The killer in Norway did on 11th day (and i think i read in this
forum he was a freemason, not sure). I know the world is vast and every minute something happens, but sometimes I do have the feeling that something
for all this event happen for a reason and they are actually planned.

With this long poem I wanted to share some thoughts, I’d like you to let me know if you think there is some truth in what I said. You can tell me
about Schumann’s frequencies, that freemasons who control us are satanic, or just to gtfo thinking I’m paranoid. But please answer if you have
something smart to say

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