Apple Logo Represents Original Sins Deal With Satan and Evil

Apple Logo Represents Original Sin’s Deal With Satan Evil

This video dives into the underworld of demonic symbolism being displayed purposely to a spiritually disinclined public who appears to be utterly
unaware of the spiritual warfare manifestied before their very eyes on a daily basis. This may be this information age, but one must ask the question:
Is this really an age that only champions useless information at the expense of substantive insight.

Apple Logo Garden Of Eden Steve Jobs Adam Corporate Slavery Yamim Noraim Tupac Shakur Armageddon Occult RFID Chips Eve Baphomet YESHUA Fukushima
Serpent Hiroshima Lucifer Physics Nimrod Nuclear Technology Noah illuminati Jerusalem Genesis Peleg iPhone 5 Tree of Life iPod Yom Kippur Devil’s
Messiah JEHOVAH Rosh Hashanah

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