Anything new on The Octopus?

I have used the search feature and read all there is on ATS about this case and was wondering if any new information is out there in the last few
years about the octopus?

For those who haven’t heard of this case. It involves a software maker who developed a program for the U.S. Justice department to handle case
information called Promis. Everything went well for the first year of a three year contract but after that the Justice department began witholding
payments to Inslaw eventually driving them into bankruptcy. During that time pirate copies of the promis software began showing up in foreign

A reporter began investigating and found the CIA was creating versions of the promis software with backdoors programed in. As he continued down the
rabbit hole the more he kept finding connections to several world events so he named the group the octopus because they seemed to have their hands in
everything.. He began receiving death threats from unknown persons and warning from his sources telling him he was too close. When he he close to
finishing he was found dead in his hotel room with all his papers missing and ruled suicide.

This case is what first opened my mind to fact things are not as they appear.

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