Anyone have any ideas on what this animal is?

So, I happened across a shared post on my facebook feed from a girl out of Kentucky. I don’t know her nor do I know much else about the images.

I can’t identify what is in the below pictures and was wondering what ya’ll think this could be. It’s looks like another “Montauk Monster” type
mystery to me. In the images the animal doesn’t appear to have any upper legs? It’s really weird.

Here is her direct words from her post:

“DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS THANG IS…?? It only has hair on its back (thick coarse hair like fishing line), no front arms..and in one of these
pics you can see how big it is with my foot beside it. All i know is I’m glad it was dead when we found it, and this thang is CREEPY!!!”

(Can’t tell she is from Kentucky at

Anyway, here are the pics. What do you guys think?

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