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1) U.S. Presidents; Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon (involvement self explanatory, interesting details to follow in dedicated posts)

2) U.S. Secretaries of Defense; Laird, McNamara (involvement self explanatory, interesting details to follow in dedicated posts)

3) High level Apollo administrators;

A. Samuel Phillips, NASA’s Apollo Manned Lunar Landing Program
B. George Mueller, Associate Administrator of the NASA Office of Manned Space Flight
C. George Low, NASA Deputy Administrator, and briefly acting Cief Administrator
D. NASA Chief Administrators; Thomas Paine, James Webb, James Fletcher,

(involvement self explanatory, interesting details to follow in dedicated posts)

4) Chris Kraft, director of Flight Operations (involvement self explanatory, interesting details to follow in dedicated posts)

5) Rocco Petrone, Apollo program director at NASA Headquarters (involvement self explanatory, interesting details to follow in dedicated posts)

6) Flight Directors; Kranz, Lunney, Griffin, Windler, Frank III, Charlesworth (As flight directors, these men had the power to “change the scripted
outcomes”. For example, Griffin could have aborted the Apollo 12 mission after the lightning strike. But such meaningful real time decisions can
never be options in the context of SCRIPTED APOLLO. These, in a position to, but never really can make, decision makers, are as such
incontrovertibly identified as full on PERPS, every one. Juicy details forthcoming.)

7) John Aaron, EECOM (Aaron’s retrograde clairvoyance was responsible for the Apollo 12 saving “SEC to AUX call”. Aaron also “knew Apollo 13’s was a
hardware problem simply by talking to people on the telephone. This, when Sy Leibergot and Clint Black, the actual on duty EECOMs struggled to make
heads and or tales of the fraudulent O2 tank explosion bull.)

8) Emil Schiesser, Mathematician and trajectory specialist. (Well aware of and indeed the man responsible for trajectory slights of hand such as
landing the Eagle at 00 41′ 15″ north, 23 26′ 00″ east, providing this information to the Lick Observatory astronomers and at the same time not only
withholding it from, but even further confusing his launch FIDO H. David Reed with AGS, PNGS, MSFN, targeted site, geologist/mapping landing site
determinations in radical disagreement with one another. My friends and I find Schiesser one of the most fascinating and capable Apollo Fraudsters
and we affectionately refer to him as “SCHIESSER THE SHYSTER”. )

9) Charles Berry, astronauts primary physician and alleged aerospace medicine innovator (Berry’s ridiculously bad medicine in the context of cases
like that of Frank Borman with his phony diarrhea in space, and Alan Shepard with his William House cured Meniere’s Disease, peg this man as the
dangerous quack we’ve all come to know and not like. )

10) Deke Slayton, Astronaut Chief, allegedly assigned astronauts to their respective Apollo flights (involvement self explanatory, interesting details
to follow in dedicated posts)

11) CapComs; Stafford, Evans, Pogue, Swigert, Young, Cernan, Collins, Mattingly, Carr, Armstrong, Aldrin, Brand, Haise, Roosa, Ward, Conrad, Gordon,
Bean, Duke, Engle, Lousma, McCandless, Lovell, Anders Garriott, Schmitt, Gibson, Weitz, Scott, Irwin, Kerwin, Fullerton, Hartsfield, England,
Overmyer, Parker, Allen ( The CapComs were “astronauts themselves”. They provided the earth end of a CLOSED VOICE TRANSCRIPT LOOP. The most
important of the Apollo documents with regard to safeguarding the not very well kept secret of the Apollo fraud was the Voice Transcript. Not a bad
idea when one steps back to think about it. If the only guys talking on the “live” tape of the mission are fraudsters, it eliminates essentially all
possibilities for spontaneous big time gaffes and what not that would expose the ruse. )

12) The Apollo astronauts, Borman, Lovell, Anders , Stafford, Young, Cernan, Collins, Gordon, Swigert, Haise, Roosa, Worden, Mattingly, Evans,
Armstrong, Aldrin, Conrad, Bean , Shepard, Mitchell, Scott, Irwin, Duke, Schmitt, Schirra, Eisele, Schweikert, McDivitt, Cunningham (involvement self
explanatory, interesting details to follow in dedicated posts)

13) Department of Defense Mapmakers (Responsible for the creation of the fraudulent LAM-2 flown map and the descent monitoring chart for the Apollo
11 Mission. Details per dedicated posts.)

14) Bart Sibrel, alleged advocate of Apollo as fraud (Sibrel’s video of being punched by Aldrin when slowed reveals the episode to have been staged as
the video is clearly dubbed at the time of the punching. )

15) Werner von Braun, Nazi rocket specialist (involvement self explanatory, interesting details to follow in dedicated posts)

16) Jack Garman, Apollo Program computer specialist (Gave the “GO !!!!” on the 1202. This was not a genuine decision point, and so as Garman is the
one to “release” the flow of events to its preordained target, he is so identified as a PERP.)

Dedicated posts on all of the above named PERPS to follow. This list will of course grow, but will focus on these, at least initially.

My medical colleagues and I are very interested in publicly debating any of the surviving above named PERPS (as well as any physicians currently
working at NASA who are interested in defending the official story in the face of our challenge). PERPS or their reps or NASA physicians interested
in our challenge may PM me as regards the matter of a public debate.

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