Al-Qaeda Inspire Magazine Winter 2014 Issue Calls for Attacks on Airlines

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This story doesn’t seem to be in the mainstream but it concerns me. I travel a lot so that’s one reason but even more so is that terrorist plots
have come out of previous issues. The latest edition just came out and calls for “lone wolf” jihadists to attack American and British bases


Al-Qaeda Calls for Terrorists to Bomb America’s Top Airlines — Instructions Included

The hateful magazine with its airline terror cover story

An article in the winter 2014 issue of al-Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire, calls for terrorists to attack American Airlines, United, and Delta in order
for the group to kill the most people, “crush the enemy’s economy,” and bring publicity to the terror organization.

It includes 37 pages of instructions on how to build a bomb – with readily available materials – that can be easily hidden on a plane, as well as
how to breach airport security, according to, a blog on the Homeland Security website.

British Airways, easyJet, and Air France (as well as Bill Gates and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke) are also named as targets.

There are enough nuts and America-haters on our soil that I believe we can expect these kinds of events. Let’s hope the powers that be can prevent

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