Air Force Upgrades Weapons, Radios for B-2 Stealth Bomber

Air Force Upgrades Weapons, Radios for B-2
Stealth Bomber

I just saw this one.
Interesting that they are going to be adding a slew of upgrades to the b-2.
You’d think that it would already have some of these things already.
But the b-2 has been around for some time and needs the upgrades.

I see that they are upgrading computers to allow for more software…… what kind of software?

The Air Force is making upgrades to the communications and weapons systems carried by the B-2 bomber by accelerating development of an air-launched,
guided nuclear cruise missile and preparing to produce modifications to the existing B-61 nuclear bomb, service officials said.

The B-2 upgrades will outfit the attack aircraft with next generation digital nuclear weapons called the B-61 Mod 12 with a tail kit — and speed up
development of a nuclear cruise missile called the Long Range Stand-Off weapon or, LRSO, Eric Single, chief of the Global Strike division for Air
Force acquisition, said in an interview with Military​.com.

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