AI interns: Software already taking jobs from humans



FORGET Skynet. Hypothetical world-ending artificial intelligence makes headlines, but the hype ignores what’s happening right under our
noses. Cheap, fast AI is already taking our jobs, we just haven’t noticed. This isn’t dumb automation that can rapidly repeat identical tasks.
It’s software that can learn about and adapt to its environment, allowing it to do work that used to be the exclusive domain of humans, from customer
services to answering legal queries. These systems don’t threaten to enslave humanity, but they do pose a challenge: if software that does the work
of humans exists, what work will we do?

You have to take a few minutes and actually read and grasp this article in New Scientist. This directly effects and impacts so many people I may well
end up building cooperatives for displaced technology workers since these people are in the last year or so of their working lives and there is no way
out for them. Many have not even paid off their student loans. The global economy is turning into a place where the need for human capital is simply
not required for many until now good paying technical sectors. We have to turn into a creative economy not an industrial economy in order to remain
relevant I think.

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