A Teesside Taxi Firm refuses to Take Disabled Passengers, Over Fares Row

Boro Taxis of Teesside is refusing to take disabled passengers after a string of complaints sugested that wheel chair users where being charged almost
double the normal fair a non disabled person would pay

Mohammed Bashir, of the firm, said the decision had been taken on economic grounds, he said “it could not afford to send minibuses to pick up disabled
passengers while charging them the same as able-bodied persons”, in some cases it was found that dasabled passengers where being charged a premium of
up to £10

‘Morally totally wrong’ “The simple fact is if you order a car and four people jump in you are charged for a taxi. If you order an
eight-seater minibus and eight people jump in you are charged for a minibus. “If you order a minibus and there’s only one person you will still be
charged for a minibus because that’s what you ordered. “But because we are charging for a minibus we are breaking the law.”

Im sure this is a problem for most taxi firms but Mr Bashir seems to think he can put himself ahead of the competition by discriminating against
other’s but this quite simply cannot be allowed, there are ways to combat this by having more cars available which are adapted to take wheel chairs,
this is what we call taking the rough with the smooth.
Middlesbrough Council is looking into whether discrimination laws are being breached, licensing officers will be checking over the next few months to
see if disabled customers are indeed facing discrimination.

BBC News


National Taxi Association

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