A soulful ufo-contact experience of a friend

Pardon me if my Engligh is some poor, I’m from north of Spain, Cantabria. This is a wonderful experience that happened to a friend, after their
contact, we have maintained a good relationship of knowledge, research and spiritual path, and I have deeply convinced both its history and evolution
process of their ufo experience.

The March 25, 1971 Jofre was doing military service in the Air Surveillance Station 4 (EVA4) in a municipality of Roses, Girona. There is a military
radar that monitor main part of the Spain military airspace and ships that might come from the French border, more specifically from the Pyrenees. But
that night happened an exceptional event: On the northwest tower where microwave antennas are located, a group of three air police mens (including
Jofre with a Pointer dog named Fiero) saw an unknown spacecraft situate just above of microwave antennas in a few meters of ground, although he could
distinguish his form of flying saucer. The UFO glowed with different of green and yellow colors, remaining static in the sky. For a moment the unknown
spaceship ward off, submerging into the sea. But watchers among whom was Jofre saw a strange phosphorescence in the guard shack at the foot of radar
antennas and came from there, carrying in addition of military-issue firearm, a surveillance dog (or watch dog).

Dog “Fiero” advanced to the guard shack, standing and stopping. Shortly after it appeared from the darkness a humanoid figure of considerable stature,
with a large gilding blonde mane and the stereotype of an angelic face, according Jofre because he couldn’t discern the face at all. The guards gave
the “Halt” (in my words Halt! Who goes there?”), but as the creature did not stop, they began shooting with pistols and CETME Ameli. Without further
ado, the humanoid turned, walking away from the place, without affect him the shots. Then sounded like a thud on the perimeter fence, just on the
border of cliff that surrounded the perimeter of the Air Surveillance Station and a subsequent recognition, it was found that something had broken of
the fence, it was like the metal fence of the perimeter border it was melted. This is the beginning of everything. Now I have to go. tomorrow I try to
tell more about their wonderful experience.



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