5 years too late: an introduction.

I had never made an introduction here as I should have. Instead I went on postting rampages that made it seem kind’ve pointless.
Now, however, ATS being the ballbreakers that they can be no longer allow animation in avatars so my gnarly Blade Runner imagery is gone.

I decided to ignore my paranoia and post my mug in the avatar place. So now some of the posters i’ve argues with have a face they can train their
anger on.

Also through years of posting I have been ignorant on some subjects, trolled, let friends post from my account and so on, so im hoping letting go of
a bit of anonymity will make me less reckless as a poster. Thats my disclaimer so hopefully no one will hold my nonsense against me.

Also, you can ask me whatever. If you want
Or not.



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