Looking for Summon Boards


Ghost Sighting

I have had about 4 ‘strange’ experiences in my life, that some could call paranormal. This was my first one. This was probably around 1998, and I was working in a superstore, packing shelves during the backshift hours, usually around 6-11. One night me and a friend were working at the top...

The Cosmolothrentas – a secret pocket

In the 1619 “Frater von Frater” pamplet, Irenaeus Agnostus stated that each member of the Rosicrucian Order carried a waistcoat pocket-sized superweapon capable of demolishing buildings. Such a wonderous weapon was supposedly put into use during the siege of Hulst, Flanders, in...

Hello from Joey!


Mysterious Shimmering ‘UFO’ filmed over Philadelphia


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