Why the right, the GOP and some Dems fear Elizabeth Warren and Occupy Wall Street

On the issues of fairness in finance, economics and consumerism,
Elizabeth Warren and the Occupy Wall Street movement speak for the
majority of Americans. This terrifies the right, frightens the
Republicans, and worries a few Democrats who like that money from the 1
percent. In my column this week, “Karl Rove’s Grand Slam,”
I suggested liberals and Democrats can attack the abuses most recently
seen in the JPMorgan trading losses and the Facebook IPO fiasco and
attack the Supreme Court travesty in Citizens United, while also raising money from wealthy liberals and Democrats until Citizens United is overturned.

The right and the Republicans fear Occupy Wall Street and Elizabeth Warren because they know, and the numbers prove it, that a majority of voters agree with them about eliminating financial abuses that plague so many Americans. And yes, there are even some Democrats who do not speak for the majority of Democrats nationally (I do), who want the money so much they will even defend Mitt Romney on Bain Capital.

For those who want 30 percent rates on your credit cards and mortages that are unfair, feel free to oppose Elizabeth Warren and OWS. For those who want to pay your banks higher fees and get ripped off investing in IPOs, go ahead and support Scott Brown, the Tea Party and Nikki Haley, who is now in some hot water in South Carolina.

For those who like firing workers to make a fast buck, be my guest and stand with Mitt Romney. For those who want to demean and fire teachers, make my day; heap your praise on Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

You bet the right and the Republicans are terrified of Elizabeth Warren and afraid of the Occupy Wall Street movement. So are a few Democrats, which is their problem, not mine.

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Occupy the Psyche

The Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) is searching for insight,
wisdom, and a sense of direction. These resources are available to us when we
turn inward to occupy our psyche.

In the absence of psychological insight, each of us to some degree is divided
from within. Also divided from within is the OWS movement itself, as Rolling Stone magazine reports in its
June issue (“The Battle for the Soul of Occupy”). The reform movement has a
neurotic undercurrent, and the prospect of its failure is real.

The struggle for progress is both an inner and an outer
process. As history has repeatedly shown, people create new frontiers of political
freedom as their sense of freedom develops from within. When we approach the
struggle for more inner freedom, we try to penetrate our resistance, defenses,
illusions, egotism, and the tyranny of the inner critic, all of which can
prevent us from being in charge of our own life.

Agitating and brainstorming, OWS reformers are searching
for keys to open doors to more freedom and justice. One key unlocks the mystery
of our psyche to reveal powerful forces of self-sabotage. Hidden in our psyche
is the astonishing fact that, behind our earnest protests, lurks buried secrets
of our unconscious connivance in failure and defeat.       

We obviously need to reform an economic system that’s
ravishing the planet. Yet we also need inner reform to overcome, among other
things, narcissism, fear, and self-doubt. The idea that we’re all responsible
for human progress is very democratic. We are our nation’s keepers. Renouncing that
responsibility only causes suffering in one form or other. Our striving also has
to proceed non-violently, or else we’re just at war with ourselves. Understood
holistically, the one percent elite is simply the vanguard of the resistance to
personal growth that’s in the psyche of us all.  

OWS is about reclaiming public space. Inner work, too,
is about claiming space. We infuse our inner space with consciousness,
particularly the knowing of our goodness and value, as we expel conflict and
the dopiness of passivity or nonbeing.

Through inner development, we come to know what
constitutes true reform. In America, the Tea Party has ideas for reform that
differ considerably from those of OWS. This is why inner work is so important.
Consciousness planes away political jaggedness as it helps us to navigate
together. When we achieve personal growth by recognizing and resolving inner
conflict, we understand what true reform (or more evolved) living entails. We
see and appreciate more clearly the oneness of life and the conditions for
happiness–good health, simple pleasures, mutual respect, clear intelligence, along
with the joys of generosity. We can awaken the freedom from fear that is, in
part, the harmonious sensibility that giving of ourselves comes back around as
bounty and blessings.

OWS has an anarchistic spirit, which can be a positive
quality. I’m not an anarchist because, in possessing inner freedom, the concept
of anarchy gets no traction in my psyche. In other words, the anarchistic
position can be a defense that covers up an individual’s unconscious affinity with
the feeling of being oppressed (which is the relationship so many people have
with their inner critic or superego). That said, inner work does have an
anarchistic spirit in the sense that it strives to establish an inner
authority, a radical freedom through which we deeply trust our own self to know
and express our best interests. However, civilized society still needs people in
authority. When we’re evolved, the authorities also will come to be evolved. That’s
when we stop projecting any lingering parental issues on to authority figures.

When we occupy our psyche, we recognize that greed,
callousness, stupidity, and self-defeat all emerge from our failure to
understand inner conflict. OWS is concerned that fat-cat capitalists are
hurting society, so let’s look at greed as a byproduct of inner conflict. On
one side of this conflict, greedy people are anxious, even desperate, to
acquire more money and other benefits or at least to secure what they have. On
the other side, they live emotionally through the haunting impression that
something vital is missing or lacking in their life. They try to fill their
emotional attachment to this inner emptiness with worldly benefits and
egotistic gratification. Emotionally, they’re stuck between their bloated egos and
their shrinking world, desperately seeking sanctuary in materialism and
illusions of superiority. They’re neurotic men and women who, in stubborn fear,
could destroy democracy before relinquishing any of their privilege. We may be
required to sweet-talk them or guide them gingerly into the big tent of evolved
consciousness. Our impeccability would make the task easier.

With this understanding, we’re less tempted to rage or
to resort to violence.   A group within
OWS has been militant, engaging in illegal and sometimes violent acts in the
name of revolution. When we occupy our psyche, we are, in fact, attempting an inner
revolution (read, “The
Tyrant that Rules Our Inner Life”
). If we want to succeed,
we don’t, of course, become violent toward ourselves. The violence of the
militants is pseudo-aggression, which, as a psychological defense, produces a
juvenile thrill that covers up their unresolved conflicts regarding feelings of
helplessness, passivity, and unworthiness. Helplessness is a strong emotion
that lingers from childhood. Our psyche reverberates with the clash of
passivity and aggression. Militants act out this conflict when they provoke the
police for the unconscious purpose of deepening their sense of oppression. They
have to be taught that their over-the-top aggression is a reaction to inner

The dogmatic radicals of OWS are the most passive
members of the movement. They can’t feel power without resorting to violence.
We want to reform our way of life not because we’re in a rage at the one
percent (they are us and we are them) but because we’re becoming, to our great
benefit, 100 percent.

People with real power have
patience. They enjoy the bonding, the engagement, and the adventure. We feel
this pleasure, too, when we occupy our psyche. We engage and bond with our
self. We understand the need for patience and perseverance. We’re happy just to
be on the right path, moving progress forward one day at a time, taking in the satisfaction
of being true to our better self.


Occupy Kensington on Saturday

If you thought the days of finger wiggling and human microphones were behind us, think again: Occupy Kensington will hold its initial gathering on Saturday.

While Kesington’s “Occupy” movement aims to be just as diverse in scope as its many predecessors, this particular iteration sprang largely from one central issue, namely, unpaid backwages allegedly owed to workers of Golden Farm.

But Peter Walsh, one of the movement’s main supporters, said the purpose of Saturday’s general assembly will be to assess which issues most directly impact Kensington residents, and address them from there.

“My first thought is to listen to my neighbors and hear what the concerns are,”  said Walsh, who works as an administrator at a law school in Manhattan.

He said that while he’s unsure of what to expect from Saturday, he is certain that Kensington will come together and enact positive change.

“These things happen slowly, but they do move forward,” he said.

“You can change things. It’s possible.”

Occupy Kensington will take place at 6 p.m. at the corner of corner of Vanderbilt and East 5th streets.


Charlyboy Denies Gay Report

If there is one thing that Charles Oputa, also known as Charlyboy is known for, it is his silence over people’s opinion of his personality brand. He hardly takes up court cases against publishers and publishing companies for any kind of story speculated about him or his brand. However, one is shocked at his action in redressing the latest gay story syndicated in newspapers and social media across the country.

It would be recalled that National Mirror, Daily Independent as well as other newspapers had on Saturday, 26th May circulated a story that Charlyboy, in an interview admitted to being gay and leader of Nigerian Illuminati. According to him, the story was circulated by one ‘Danfo Newspaper.’ This news was all over the internet for over two days but was later confirmed to be false by Charlyboy, even as he opined that he never granted such interview.

Charlyboy, who had on Monday morning declared on twitter that he would be suing for the malicious news formulated to dent his image by the National Mirror and Daily Independent, said “I read with total dismay in Saturday Mirror newspaper that I am gay and head of Illuminati… I have never sued before…but this time….” he didn’t complete his statement.

The statement that generated a lot of comment from his curious fans and followers on twitter and other social media was immediately followed by a release from his press Secretary, Adoyi Abah Ali who had exclusively told journalists that his boss was filling for libel.

It was gathered that Adoyi had earlier in the day written to the Publisher of National Mirror Steve Ayorinde, drawing his attention to the said publication. In the letter tagged “Re-I’m Gay- Charlyboy” Adoyi had blamed Steve for allowing such story to be used under his watch considering his experience in journalism. He had asserted that the brand managers would ensure that National Mirror and its allies are punished for stating an opinion as though it was a fact.

“On our own part, we cannot control people’s opinion in a matter such as this, but to have come out to state categorically that Charlyboy granted an interview in relation to this issue is not only scandalous, but ‘human slaughter’.

Your paper has gone beyond the boundaries, and would have to answer some basic questions as to how this story got to it. At the moment, one can only believe that Charlyboy’s interview is presently on tape and on your desk as claimed.”

In a related development, Charlyboy’s Attorneys led by renowned entertainment and radical lawyer, Barrister Ope Banwo have written to both National Mirror and Daily Independent demanding a retraction of the said story within the next 72 hours or face the consequence of the law.

The attorneys who said the story was a clear case of deliberate and malicious attempt to malign and injure the reputation of his client, Charles Oputa, known as Charlyboy among all reasonable people in the industry and the society at large, just as he said National Mirror and Daily Independent must retract the story before the expiration of 72 hours.

“Please take further note that should your organisation refuse to accept responsibility and show sincere remorse by publishing acceptable retraction as demanded above within the time allowed, we would be seeking N1, 000, 000, 000.00 (One Billion Naira Only) in damages for malicious libel against your editors, writers and the Newspaper jointly and severally.”

It is our hope that you will demonstrate sufficient remorse over this grave error and endeavour to convince our client that your malicious publication against him was not a deliberate pre-conceived attempt to destroy our client’s reputation and career by complying with the demands above within the time given. You are advised to allow reasons to prevail as you already know that our client is fully and well prepared to fight this just cause to a positive conclusion.



Down below is a amazing story of Antonio Urzi the Italian man who has captured some of the closest and clearest footage of UFO’s ever seen.


The Real 4400 : UFO-Contactees And Abductees Worldwide


Baltic Sea UFO Search: Russia, US Forces Blocking The Crash Site

In past we had reported :

200-foot wide unidentified object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Another UFO Spotted In Baltic Sea 

Last month, the team announce a second expedition to the secret site in order to gather more information on what lies beneath the dark waters. read more

 But now in latest development according to Swedish newspaper there is a U.S. and Russian military, military exercise in the area restricting, Baltic sea UFO search team from entering the area where this anomalous “structure” was found at the bottom of the sea.

Right now it’s a military exercise in the area where both Russians and Americans are involved. I can not help but wonder why it is happening right now, said Dennis Asberg

What’s strange is that all this time, the team has kept the location a secret and now there seems to be military interference in the zone.

Source: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article14909892.ab


Will Romney pick a Latino for VP?

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    I dont think the masons have any influence

    reply to post by dashdespatch

    My grandfather Gregory (on my mother’s side) is a mason, but he lives a very isolated life from his loved ones and does his own thing. There is no
    scorn or resentment I feel towards the free masons…Too bad I’m not 21 to join yet

    In order to become a free mason, you need to express the free will to join, then the local masonic lodge you apply to will let you know on the 1st and
    3rd or 2nd and 4th selected weekday. There are good and bad masons, plain and simple. The good and bad sort of balance our environment out lol but we
    need more good heartfelt individuals stepping up to the plate.


    WORLD BANK BOSS: Were Headed For Impending Catastrophe — A Rerun Of Great Panic Of 2008

    Even the head guys are saying what we all feared (obviously knew) would happen.

    If it was so obvious for lay people to predict what was eventually going to happen, why was this drug out with bailout and austerity measures? What
    did we gain from prolonging it? More time to spend with our loved ones before the SHTF? Or more time for the fat cats to get their house in order
    before people come for them?

    I think whatever happens is very unfair to the nations in the Eurozone, because they naively held faith in the people that are supposed to know what
    is best for them.

    Strikes me as ironic when you have people like Christine Lagarde basically telling people, “Sucks for you that we made a mistake, DEAL WITH IT.”

    Anyways, the walls are about to come tumbling down.

    We might see the formation of a new government in different countries in Europe and here in the US. Wonder what abominations we will have in store?

    (visit the link for the full news article)


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