What is this structure NASA took pics of in the Sahara?

Image Credit: NASA/GSFC/MITI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team


Richat Structure, Mauritania- This prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of Mauritania has attracted attention since the earliest space
missions because it forms a conspicuous bull’s-eye in the otherwise rather featureless expanse of the desert. Described by some as looking like an
outsized fossil in the desert, the structure, which has a diameter of almost 30 miles, has become a landmark for shuttle crews. Initially interpreted
as a meteorite impact structure because of its high degree of circularity, it is now thought to be merely a symmetrical uplift that has been laid bare
by erosion. Paleozoic quartzites form the resistant beds outlining the structure.

More pics here-


Impact crater?

Natural anomaly?

Ancient strip-mining site?


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A message of unity and love, from me to the world

As you may have noticed, the MSM is using the tragic event in Florida to up racial tensions to a new and unprecedented level.

I refuse to buy this garbage, and since I don’t have a TV I am largely unexposed to it, but I can see the headlines on drudge and other msm internet
sites, and know what is going on.

Only through love and unity can we progress as a species and that is not what TPTB want. They want us torn apart from one another based on societal
differences, so that we cannot band together and demand an end to the tyranny.

Divided, we are easily controlled.

In this information age, TPTB are losing their grip as whistle blowers continue to leak the dirty little secrets, that must not get out. They are
getting desperate and they are having to spend a lot of money to keep all their little scams, and lies hidden.

They have to make sure we are fighting each other continuously, or they will lose their monopoly, power, and control.

This is why they hate liberty so much. Liberty is repugnant to tyrants. People who believe in it are a problem for TPTB. One who truly believes in
liberty, not only wants to do as they please without infringing upon the rights and property of others, but also wants others to be able to think and
act freely.

So, lets love each other, unify and say to heck with all this racial BS.

I love you all.


Zimmerman Police Report Released

Well here is what the arresting officers had to say:

Arrest Report (.pdf)

It confirms the injuries Zimmerman claimed to have.

I haven’t followed the debate on this issue too closely, but early on I suspected that if the police hadn’t arrested Zimmerman, there had to be some
compelling reason why that was the case.


What equipment do you use for UFO Hunting?

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Norman E. Brookes: Ten commandments for our times

The Occupy Auckland protest in Aotea Square. Photo / Richard Robinson

The Occupy Movement no longer occupies the Aotea concourse by the Town Hall but last Monday’s headlines in the Herald remind us why the movement came into being. Its seed was the inordinate greed evident in the Wall Streets of this world, greed that has clearly not left New Zealand unscathed.

Pause to consider the headline: “Combined pay tops $5.5m for bosses of four energy firms”. Four people each earning over a million dollars a year. Each person we were told received a rise of over 11% whereas the average wage increase in NZ in 2010 was 1.7%.

This one headline was symptomatic of a number of others in the Herald during the last twelve months. Here are some examples: April 30, 2011 “More $5 million men as earnings climb” (there were four, the CEO’s of Westpac, Nuplex Industries, Telecom and Fonterra, each with a salary of over $5m per annum); October 26 2011 “SkyCity presses on with fee raise vote” (this took the directors’ fee pool from $1m to $1.5m); February 27, 2012 “NZ tax on rich among the lowest in the world” (shows the other side of the equation, in the UK high earners face a 50% tax rate on their income).

All of which in New Zealand is not simply scandalous it points to a systemic evil.

Why? The reality is, that when we look at a company, be it an energy company, a bank, a telco, or whatever, we discover that there is in fact only so much money to go around. The earning power of a company however efficient it might be is circumscribed by its customer base.

It is that base that provides the cake and it is the cake that is sliced up in order to pay all who work for the company from chief executive to the lowliest staff member, not forgetting the shareholders.

So the outcomes are clear. When the chief executive receives a huge salary and bonuses then others in the company’s workforce pay the price and receive correspondingly less.

More often than not the “less” falls most heavily on those in company positions that are perceived to be at the bottom of the heap, but others pay the price as well.

I am not arguing against those who have put in years at university, or those who have greater skills, or who are capable of taking on greater responsibilities, being paid more. I agree with that. But the truth is that what has happened in our society is far from being just that, it is completely over the top.

A guideline for me would be this. No one occupies a more responsible position in this country than the Prime Minister, a person whose salary is less than $400,000 a year, and who has to live under media scrutiny virtually every day. Consequently the Prime Minister has a greater accountability to the population at large than any other CEO in the country.

Furthermore the main bonus that he or she may receive by virtue of good leadership is to be elected for a further term. While the PM’s salary is well above the average wage (approximately $54,000), it is a mere pittance when compared with what some CEO’s in this country receive. This, in my view, demonstrates the grossly excessive nature of the annual payments to many CEO’s.

But who is at fault here? Principally I believe it is the Boards of Directors and the share holders that support them. Boards of Directors who advocate such excessive salaries need to be called to account by shareholders for it seems that far too many have been seduced by oft quoted slogans such as “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”.

I believe that is nonsense. I believe that there are people in our society who aspire to challenges, who rise to responsibilities, and who get far more satisfaction in delivering excellence, than they do in the extensive nature of any pay packet offered or received.

I believe that there are many people who have a respect for their fellows, a commitment to ethical living, and who are not driven to obtain the highest possible financial packet for themselves at the expense of others. Let the Directors seek them out and if they don’t let shareholders call the Directors to account.

As this is the season that Christians call Lent, a time for cutting back on excesses, let me end with ten “commandments” which if taken seriously could make an impact and call us back to some kind of sanity:

1. Let there be no executive pay rises that are above the rate of inflation.

2. Let there be no bonuses given that are not a recompense for exceptional service and results.

3. Let there be no salaries grossly in excess of the level of that paid out to the country’s Prime Minister.

4. Let there be no Boards of Directors who are unwilling to keep executive salaries under control.

5. Let there be no chief executives employed who are not willing to live within these parameters.

6. Let there be no executive severance packages greater than the limit imposed by three month’s salary.

7. Let there be no tax loopholes for anyone and in particular for those earning over $100,000p.a.

8. Let there be no tax funded advances to public companies that are not prepared to work within these limitations.

9. Let there be no contracts that over rule conscience.

10. Let there be no secret deals, let transparency rule the day.

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, suggested that “severe income disparity” is the biggest risk facing the world. It is time to face up to it here in New Zealand.

Someone once said “economic recovery requires a moral recovery, it is a spiritual crisis”. A good thought to ponder this Easter time.

* The Rev Norman E. Brookes is Manukau, Auckland, Northland Regional Superintendent, Methodist Church of New Zealand.

By Norman E. Brooks


Occupy activists to march across Brooklyn Bridge

NEW YORK — Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning to march across the Brooklyn Bridge to mark six months since hundreds of them were arrested walking the same route.

The activists are expected to meet Sunday afternoon at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, where they first camped out last September to start a movement that has spread around the world.

The march across the bridge starts at 2:30 p.m. and ends with a 4 p.m. rally in Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza.

Occupy activists dubbed themselves the “99 percent” opposing the economic inequality represented by the wealthy “1 percent.”

The Brooklyn gathering will include a “General Assembly” — as Occupy supporters called their daily meetings in Zuccotti Park. The gatherings are used to discuss various protest topics.

—Copyright 2012 Associated Press


What’s next for health care law?

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    HAARP ~ How To Make An Earthquake: Simulacro ~ Mexico Earthquake, Haiti Earthquake, Japan Earthquake

    Originally posted by 1loserel2
    I think alot of this weird stuff is being caused by HAARP. … What’s your theory about HAARP?

    My theory is that HAARP is a really nice, but getting to be a bit dated, steered beam HF array with fairly good but not phenomenal output power. If it
    were being redesigned today there are lots of ways it could be done differently. It’s also a maintenance bear – just keeping all the diesel generators
    running and up to spec is a pain in the toches.

    I also theorize that there is mostly civilian stuff going on out there, and while they at times try to claim that the research is all in the lit,
    mainly Geophysical Letters, that’s not exactly true – there is some work with the end intent being a military application, but none of it
    “earthquakes”, and it’s not all in Geo either.

    That video from the History Channel with Jonathan Frakes narrating is the biggest piece of horse dung ever put forth as serious material,




    The next ext-text will give us a perfect example of how the path of this country changed, most of you wouldn’t imagine that :

    By the beginnings of the 20th century, Argentina was one of the most developed countries in the world. (In the 1890’s, Argentina was the sixth
    richest country in the world in per capita terms; and in the 1920’s it was among the top ten, ahead of nations like Germany or Italy). However,
    after the Great Depression, as a combination of democratic breakdown and poor economic policies, Argentina entered a path of economic decline that,
    except for brief spells (most notably the early and mid 1990’s), continues to the present.

    Unexplainable, these countries rich of natural resources, couldn’t prosper in the same way as their neighbor in the north, and soon United States
    became the unquestionable leader in America (understanding America as a continent, not a country).

    So, what happened???…It’s simple, there is room for only one leading country in America and any other growing economy would represent an
    unacceptable threat. A plan had to be designed in order to destroy any chance of rebuild the Argentinean economy.

    Following a decade of high inflation and stagnant output, and several failed attempts to stabilize the economy, Argentina fell into hyperinflation
    in 1989. The Convertibility Plan, introduced in April 1991, was designed to stabilize the economy through drastic, and almost irreversible, measures.
    The plan was centered around the use of a currency board-like arrangement, in which the peso (set equal to 10,000 australes) was fixed at par with the
    U.S. dollar and autonomous money creation by the central bank was severely constrained. Significantly, it also included a broader agenda of
    market-oriented structural reforms to promote efficiency and productivity.


    The plan was designed to fail since it was born, I doubt about the good intentions of the IMF, they actually sunk Argentina in deeper waters. In this
    amazing article, the smart guys from the IMF seems to express in an elegant way : “OOPS, I’M SORRY”.

    The International Monetary Fund yesterday admitted that its mistakes helped plunge Argentina deeper into the red during the currency crisis that
    crippled the country’s economy three years ago.

    The financial meltdown that reached a climax in 2001, causing the country to default on $132 billion of foreign debt, was worsened by the government’s
    vain attempts to maintain the Argentine peso’s peg against the dollar. The IMF ploughed money into the country to help it sustain the peg, pledging an
    extra $22 billion as late as the end of 2000.


    Well, I think they knew what they were doing all the time. Anyway, in order to extend our perception about it, I include here is an extense
    documentary (12 parts), probably never watched by most of the members. I encourage everybody to watch them all for many reasons, but in particular,
    because some of these things seems to be happening here now.


    …continue in next post


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