$100,000 to the first person proving Thimerosal (mercury) is safe to inject into children

CHALLENGE: $100,000 to the first person who can find a scientific study proving Thimerosal (mercury) is safe to inject into children (full title)
It looks like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has offered 100,000 dollars to anyone who can prove that Mercury that is still in shots is considered safe..

As promised, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the World Mercury Project (WMP), announced a $100,000 payout to anyone who can find a
credible scientific study proving Thimerosal is safe to inject into children at the concentrations currently administered in today’s vaccines.

From the World Mercury Project website:

Thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, is still in 48 million U.S. flu vaccines each year, tetanus toxoid, meningococcal vaccines and, in
massive doses, in the pediatric vaccines given to 100 million children across the developing world. A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) review
published last month found that the ethylmercury in thimerosal is as profoundly neurotoxic as the heavily regulated methylmercury in fish.

According to this article not OK to eat mercury laden fish, but OK for infants and flu shots. Test are showing 50,000 ppb of mercury in flu shots
along with aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde… all documented as known neurotoxins that contribute to brain damage.. Autism ?

Kennedy explained that the WMP will pay $100,000 to the first journalist, or other individual, who can find a peer-reviewed scientific study
demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant

So there you go right there in black and white… Should be easy to collect the 100,000 since The CDC says it is safe, No?

The CDC cover-up that’s unfolding here is unprecedented in the history of medicine and science. Kennedy describes the CDC as “a cesspool
of corruption” and is very much aware that the CDC is a criminal cartel of medical con artists who have been running a quack science racket for the
benefit of the vaccine manufacturers.

I do not have a dog in this hunt.. The country I live in most people do not get flu shots nor do they shoot up babies.. Yet the population seems to do
just fine … Go figure… Hey I am just posting the article for those who want to investigate further or collect 100,000.. I have never had a flu
shot but I have never gotten the flu…call it lucky I guess..


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