France Begin Shutting Down Alternative News Websites

The French government have rushed through strict “anti-terror” laws in the wake of the Paris attacks, which are now seeing alternative news
websites being shut down in France.

The French version of We Are Change has been blocked already, amid an unprecedented crackdown on alternative media in Europe. reports:

‘Le Blog De Resistance‘ is a popular French-language alternative news source with over 10 million hits and thousands of regular subscribers. The
author, who calls himself Z, has been in panic mode since a state of emergency was called after the Paris attacks. This high-level alert was extended
for three months, along with a pro-war propaganda campaign and the media under strict orders to terrify the population.

France Begin Shutting Down Alternative News Websites


A bad thing.

Especially when it comes into play about thoughts regarding the killing of a family member.

As you see, France is fully engaging their war-machine propaganda machine. Only State vetted news is allowed. Control the minds, and the hearts will

PAC vs Dark Money a primer…

I found a wonderful and straightforward primer on the similarities and differences between PAC (Political Action Committees) and Dark Money (401c (4))
campaign funding and how the two are used in tandem to hide political contributions.…

I wanted to share this because it has always confused me and I tended to think of them as the same when they are not. Campaign finance ‘jargon’
like any ‘jargon’ is used to keep the uninitiated ‘out’ of the ‘kewl kids’ club.

Enjoy and have a happy ‘Eat until you Die’ Day.

Here are some of the key characteristics of unlimited money from super PACs, also referred to as “independent expenditure groups.”

No limit on the dollar amount of contributions
Do disclose donors
Cannot coordinate with or donate money to candidates
Federal Election Commission has jurisdiction over these organizations
In election years, file reports on donors either monthly or quarterly, as well as reports on independent expenditures within either 24 or 48 hours
(based upon the date and amount of the expenditure); in nonelection years, file reports on donors monthly or semi-annually, as well as reports on
independent expenditures within either 24 or 48 hours (based upon the date and amount of the expenditure)

Now, let’s turn to dark money. When we use the term “dark money,” we mean money coming from 501(c) organizations, named after their
identification in the tax code. These include social welfare groups, unions and trade organizations registered with the IRS. Recently, the focus has
been on 501(c)(4) social welfare groups, since the Citizens United ruling empowered these nonprofits in particular to participate in politicking much
more actively. (Here’s a great rundown of 501(c)(4) groups from our friends at if you want greater detail.) Some characteristics of
these groups:

No limit on the dollar amount of contributions

Do NOT have to disclose their donors

Cannot coordinate with or donate money to candidates

IRS has jurisdiction over these organizations

May participate in nonpartisan political activity providing a “majority” of their activity go to “social welfare” activities. (It’s widely
accepted that this means at least 50.1 percent of their efforts must go toward social welfare activities, which are broadly defined by the IRS.)

Report their spending through 990 IRS tax forms, which are typically delayed by a year or more and often long after the elections have ended; 990s
often show major vendors these nonprofit hire and what groups they give money to, but are not obligated to say what the money purchased with any
specificity. (However, 501(c) groups must report independent expenditures to the FEC as well.)

Campaign donations are sometimes funneled through these organizations to super PACs to mask donors.

(5) More Mysterious Extragalactic Signals Detected

Parkes Radio Telescope, Aus. detects five new, fast radio bursts emanating from beyond the Milky Way!
Including never-before-seen twin bursts originating from a 9 billion year old event!
Geez, isn’t our universe simply incredible?
And we’re all down here losing our minds over a man on a magazine cover…

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, astronomers snagged a two-for-one deal on mysterious blasts of radio waves from other galaxies.
An unprecedented double burst recently showed up along with four more of these flashes, researchers report online November 25 at

Fast radio bursts, first detected in 2007, are bright blasts of radio energy that last for just a few milliseconds and are never seen again (SN:
8/9/14, p. 22). Until now, astronomers had cataloged nine bursts that appeared to originate well outside the Milky Way. Yet, follow-up searches with
nonradio telescopes for anything that might be pulsing or exploding keep coming up empty (SN Online: 12/8/14).

The five newcomers, detected at the Parkes radio telescope in Australia, follow the same pattern as all previous detected bursts with one exception
— one flashed twice. Twin blasts separated by just 2.4 milliseconds came out of some sort of eruption that happened roughly 9 billion years ago in
the constellation Octans, David Champion, an astronomer at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany, and colleagues report.

A double flash rules out some ideas about what causes fast radio bursts. For instance, two neutron stars, dense cores left behind by dead massive
stars, can collide only once. Rare vigorous blasts from pulsars might fit the bill, as would hyperflares from haphazard sources of gamma rays and
X-rays known as “soft gamma repeaters,” possibly triggered by starquakes on highly magnetic neutron stars. Source

This isn’t the first time this telescope has detected such signals, either:

In 2001, the Parkes Radio Telescope picked up an extremely energetic burst of radio waves that lasted a mere five-thousandths of a second.
Since then, astronomers have found several more so-called fast radio bursts, or FRBs, and even observed one of these pulses in real time last May.
Based on these observations, the FRBs seem to be coming from more than 3 billion light years away, far beyond the Milky
Way. Source

Triple the distance, triple the intrigue! Space gets cooler every day!
As for what’s causing these mysterious signals? Who knows. Here’s an article discussing the possibilities:

IFL Science Link


New Li-Fi Internet Is 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Major update on Li-Fi technology!
New developments yield test speeds of 224 gigabits per second, or in other words a whopping 28GB/s.
Can you imagine the possibilities? What we’ll be capable of achieving in the future?

Li-Fi, which was first invented by Harold Haas of the University of Edinburgh in 2011, uses visible light communication (VLC) to send data at
extremely high speeds. Essentially, this works like an incredibly fast signal lamp, flashing on and off in order to relay messages in binary code (1s
and 0s). In previous lab-based experiments, the technology was able to transmit up to 224 gigabits per second. To put this in perspective, Wi-Fi is
capable of reaching speeds of around 600 megabits per

IFL Science Source

-One ‘feature’ of this technology is that its signals can’t be passed through walls- a plus for security.
-Early testing in real-world environments yielding ~1GB/s
-Increased frequency range results in greater stability

Also, a search produced this post from a couple years back discussing Li-Fi technology (definitely worth a look):
Internet From LED Bulbs
It mentions speed capabilities of 3Gbps. Look how far we’ve come!

Stay astonished!


Astral projected and saw Hollywood stars eating banned rare animals for health benefits

Putin the Pinocchio

Amb. Jeffrey: If Putin’s name was Pinocchio, his nose would be a yard long

Amb. James Jeffrey says ;

I am actually glad that somebody stood up to Putin .

He goes on to say a bit more ; he calls Putin a liar basicly .

Putin wasn’t fighting ISIS at all .

US Military heard 10 warnings from Turks to plane .

ISIS is an excuse for Russia to extend his power in the area ; Russia needs ISIS .

Finally, Most Young Americans Now Accept Evolution Over Creationism

November 25, 2015 | by Robin Andrews

Controversy over evolution has been a mainstay of American public life throughout much of the 20th century.

The new survey shows 51 percent of young American adults accept evolution in its entirity.

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey.
65% of adults surveyed believe humans have
evolved over time, as well has other creatures.

Some have said of Creationism

…nothing short of an anti-scientific superstition…

However, there is a persistent distrust in scientists,
which has led the public to eschew the theory of evolution, with adults choosing to believe religious scripture over scientific fact. However, a
recent Pew Research Center survey shows that most of the younger generation of Americans accept evolution as fact, perhaps marking a change in this

Creationists commonly argue that life is so complex it requires a Creator. Evolutionists have the same right to argue that life began from a spark of
unknown origin. Some have proposed it is possible that the Lord may have existed for so long even He has lost track of His own beginning. Opponents of
evolution say we live in a ‘silent universe,’ since all the scanning of the electromagnetic spectrum has resulted in zero return signals (SETI).

The lack of chatter from outer space does not disprove evolution, but it does cast doubt on the idea that evolution is a nature process

may be life on other planets that has not yet mastered electronic communications. There are a number of reasons why an intelligent, space-faring
civilization would not make first contact with Earth.

Here’s a few figures and statistics from the Pew Research Center:

-36% of women say humans have existed in their present form since the beginning of time, compared to men 26%
-Women are more likely than men to say that evolution was guided by a supreme being
-Younger adults are more likely than older adults to say that evolution has occurred
-Those under age 30 are especially likely to say that evolution is due to natural processes (51% of all those ages 18-29 say this)
-22% of adults ages 65 and older say that evolution has occurred due to natural processes
-25% of seniors say that evolution was guided by a supreme being and 37% say that humans and other living things have existed in their present form
since the beginning

-African Americans are less likely than are whites to say that evolution has taken place. I find this statistic interesting. I easily understand the
differences in opinion between ages, that’s apparent to me, however, the differences between races I do not readily understand. I wonder if this
figure coincides with similar differences between blacks and whites in regards to those who are religious versus those who are agnostic? I probably
shouldn’t ASSume, but I’m going to be presumptuous here.
-75% of all college graduates, 81% of those with a postgraduate degree, believe that humans have evolved over time. By comparison, 56% of those with a
high school diploma believe evolution has occurred
-76% of those with more science knowledge say that humans have evolved, compared to 54% with less science knowledge…I’m curious to know how this
was determined. How did they arrive at these numbers? What dictates More or Less science knowledge?

The article continues to cite differences in statistics among religious groups and political party groups.

I have personally been on journey of spirituality my entire life. I have spent much of my life justifying religion and science. As a child I attended
two Catholic schools, however, always possessed a strong interest in science, specifically the beginnings of the universe, Earth, evolution, and
Darwinism. While I was attending Catholic school, my father converted to Methodist. In my younger years I was a staunch creationist, only later, say
in junior high, that I started doubting my religious beliefs. Before turning to science, I was agnostic, not having strong beliefs in either
creationism or evolution. Later, as my interest in science developed, confusion developed in my personal beliefs, unable to negotiate religion in my
new-found scientific discoveries. Throw in dinosaur fossils and I was all messed up!

As an adult, after learning so much about science, learning about evolution, and taking several anthropology classes, I was even more confused about
my personal beliefs. Recently, withing the last year or so, I’ve been on a personal and spiritual journey. I have finally arrived at a personal
conclusion regarding my own faith. Like many other people, I have chosen a spiritual journey rather than a religious journey, which I believe, has
allowed me to mesh what I’ve learned about science and physics into what my religious beliefs are.

Personally, what used to cross my eyes previously

was the question, “Where did it all begin?” Who created God? What started the Big Bang? These
were questions that used to boggle my mind! However, in the Here and Now, spiritually speaking, I don’t need these questions answered. Or I should
say, I’ve answered these questions myself. I’ve found peace between my spiritual and scientific beliefs. Whether it was divine intervention of the
Lord, or the Universe and cosmos bringing together a specific set of organic and inorganic ingredients, I do not really care, what I do care about, is
that something greater than me is the reason I exist today.

I suppose my personal beliefs, while not wholly defined, can be helped along the way by the following quotes…

“A wise man has the power to reason away what a fool believes he sees.” Don’t swallow what you’ve been ‘fed’ our entire lives. Question
everything around us. We know that what we learn in the classroom is not always the truth, or 100% truth.

“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy
Ghost” (Tit. 3:5).

“And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for He who comes to God must believe that he is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek
Him” (Heb. 11:6).
As is the belief that we arrived where we are as a result of the cosmos, either directed or undirected, by a knowing hand
greater than myself.

The following is too much of an absolute, and I don’t succumb to absolutes. Our place in this world and the cosmos is much more than
that….With faith being given out freely to all who seek truth, Christians have no need to be in the business of mixing science with religion. With
prayer, we have the ability to supernaturally win over even the most stubborn evolutionists.

One piece of evidence will not sway the debate. The question of our place in the universe is much more than that. It is said, “It may take an unknown
amount of time and prayer, but for diligent seekers God always provides answers.” The same can be said of the universe, the cosmos, and all we’ve
learned about, and have to learn, about science and physics, and the known and unknown world and space around us.

God has set up a very clever system for revealing himself to mortal man: He discloses the truth to people who humble themselves and hides it from
those who are proud.
As does the Universe!

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