Syrian Sitrep-Obamas betrayal….

Found this authors analysis of the Syrian conflict while perusing the news tonight…..…

Its a bit of a long but cogent outline of the current war situation and the moves of all the players….

Sample paragraphs here:
Fast-forward a year. After a slow start — and despite wishful Western assessments that Moscow could not sustain a meaningful military effort abroad
— the Russian campaign is finally delivering results for the Assad regime. This week, Russian airpower allowed Assad and his allied paramilitary
forces to finally cut off the narrow, rebel-held “Azaz corridor” that links the Turkish border to the city of Aleppo. The city’s full
encirclement is now a distinct possibility, with regime troops and Shiite fighters moving from the south, the west, and the north. Should the
rebel-held parts of the city ultimately fall, it will be a dramatic victory for Assad and the greatest setback to the rebellion since the start of the
uprising in 2011.

The author goes on at length about each of the forces which are swirling around the country…..
It remains to be seen what the outcome will be,……

But without the addition of an AAA capability as well as the tow missiles already in use…I feel its inevitable that the revolution will be
All sides have not yet given up however and the outcome is not clear by a long shot….(the siege of Aleppo is about to happen, and should Assad
achieve victory there, his will be a stronger negotiating position at the peace talks if they continue…)
Turkey , Jordan, Isreal, The YPG are all looked at in this report. as well as ALL the majors…..
Have a peek and let us know what you think the future holds for Syria…..b

The Un-Observable Universal medium and the Observable Universe(s)

Consider there is an element you do not see, that would be comparable to a Universal medium. This universal medium would be a un-observable universe
element. Or a element that cannot be fully perceived by beings related to or from the observable universe. This universal medium would be like or
similar to what is understood as dark matter – dark energy or just energy that is not fully understood by many current observers within…
Its not dark matter-energy because of its color or consciousness frequency. Its dark because the minds of the OBSERVERS trying to understand it
cannot understand it, so its like a blind or dark spot in the world of hypothesized theories, as far as what it is.

So this universal medium is moving (at what speed pace universally?) not sure, as to scale it requires the complete area-perimeter map data of THIS
universe and the overall volume data of the universal medium / dark energy and the complete weight as well as volume of the observable universe
materials inhabitants-growth data…

This mediums movements is basically what is affecting the galaxy spins-rotations and falls and even drifts/gravity electromagnetism.

Look at it like a swimming pool – tank OR SOME KIND OF ENCLOSED CONTAINMENT DEVICE full of jello like material – transparent jello cold-warm-hot
plasma energized like material.
The transparent jello like material would be the un-observable universal medium.

Now add some more DENSE materials into the jello cold-hot plasma like material in various regions of the pool-tank. The more dense material would be
Observable universe… As the dense material is added it falls – settles – slides collects in the jello like plasma at different paces, based on the
material weight and types that gather and collect together as well as the density of the un-observable universal medium holding them in their
particular regions.

These areas of collection would be Galaxies Nebula and the more dense areas or observable universe interacting with less dense regions of the
un-observable universe in the more falling like regions would be Black and hypothesized White hole regions…

The un-observable is moving fast remember its more material overall by volume then the observable universe. This then causes the observable universe
to also be moving- spinning – falling – rising within the un-observable medium at various rates of speed…
So now you have dense material/Observable Universe, moving fast within a lesser dense material/Un-Observable Universe that is at more volume and so
causes more driving force upon the observable as its moving.

It is like the Observable galaxy are sitting on the transparent jello like plasma but are also moving – sliding – drifting within the jello like
Un-observable Universal medium.

As the galaxy clusters collect they push away or attract galaxy clusters with their electromagnetic fields generated from friction like processes
going on between the dense / observable universe materials and the less dense un-observable universe medium.

To 1 subjectively this is the cause of galaxy movements, rotations possible gravity and electromagnetism…
Visualize the static going on between all the interactions discussed.

Thanks for your time. Any better challenging arguments to the OP are welcome, just explain why and your points.


TPP signed in Auckland

I was really surprised I didn’t find this on ATS search, so please scrap this if it is a duplicate.

The BBC reports that the Transpacific Partnership was signed by a dozen Pacific countries,
including the US, a day or two ago. All the American news was about stupid Hillary, and not a word about this.

The article mentions that US politicians need to ratify it, so I’m wondering if Congress is actually going to pass something.

Rotten, disturbing, and corrupt as hell. And the poor will probably get hit the hardest, like they usually are.

E-cigs: QandA/General Information Thread

So, first I’d like to credit my peer, KingKelson for illuminating me to the
wonders of the world of electronic cigarettes. This was back before mods and sub-Ohms. Our first brand was V2. Then we got into those Ego
batteries–and then we went into mods and sub-Ohming and have never looked back, since.

I was quite the avid smoker between the ages of 17 and 20. I loved the culture of smokers–a sense of community, almost.

Well, I probably thought
that I looked pretty darn cool, too. Anyway, I smoked between 1.5 to 2 packs of (I alternated, like changing up flavors lol) either Cowboy Killers
(Marb Red 72’s–yum), Camel Crush, Marb Menthol UltraLight, etc. I Liked American Spirits, too. And a Pall Mall party is always the place to be.

Until e-cigs, that is.

Okay, fine! Yeah I have had a regular cigarette on a handful of occasions since four years ago when I quit.

I’m serious. In a cigarette, the only thing that one is truly addicted to is nicotine. The rest is oral fixation. All those 2000+ other chemicals in
conventional cigarettes is really not good for you. Versus e-liquid: vegetable glycerin propylene glycol (either a 50/50 or 80/20 (max
VG/Organitine) pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, FDA-approved flavoring (depends on brand. Organic brands exist). That’s it. And no smoke. Just water
vapor. It’s cheaper than regular cigarettes, won’t kill you (AND THERE are nicotine-free options: 0mg nicotine is always available for any liquid).

And it tastes great! I do 0.03mg nicotine. My favorite juices are: Mint Groove by Potion Vape is my favorite liquid–followed by Magnum Opus by
Philosopher’s Stone– Chem Trail by Mad Alchemist.

( pictured above ) I use a temp-control coil. A TFV4 tank, and the Snow Wolf V1.5 (200W) by Asmodus. a custom
glass drip tip. ( 0.15 Ohm Resistance/1.3 Volts/ I like my vape cool, between 420 450 degrees Farenheit (also does Celcius) @ 50.0 Watts. Sometimes,
if it’s a thicker (more VG) liquid or a darker-colored liquid (those burn through coils faster than lighter liquids, and so i favor clear liquids), I
will go to 500 degrees. Or if I just want a warmer vape.

With the snow wolf, and this SMOK TFV4 tank, (I do nickel temperature control coils), the vape is so smooth that dripping would be a waste. Though the
tank is a rebuildable mod and comes with its own building deck and a pre-made coil that is 0.5 Ohms, along with some japanese cotton).

I cloudchase

[ Regarding drip tips (I love them lol) I am very partial to Trippy Tips brand custom glass drip tips (although this one is actually not a Trippy
Tips because my current one doesn’t match this atm)…
*** however Be aware that glass drip tips by Trippy Tips are not only rather pricey, they also break (I’ve lost about 5 of my beautiful Trippy

) so be careful not to drop them if you make the investment. It’s much easier not to drop using this box mod set-up that I use. Trippy
Tips fit everything from KR808 to 510 tanks. Meaning you can put them on your V2 cigs (Kr808 batteries) or E-Gos (510). My mod is also a 510
threading. ]

O-kee-dokie, then.

Now, besides cheap and dubious liquid or strange clones or do-it-yourself/using chargers inappropriately or being stupid and not using as intended
etc. electronic cigarettes are relatively safe.

In my eyes, the only downside is that, generally-speaking, e-cigs don’t necessarily calm you as much because they don’t deprive your lungs of oxygen
like regular cigarettes. So that kinda sucks. But they make you feel focused. And kinda like Gandalf. Which is always a plus.

There’s plenty of illegitimate propaganda out there right now, about how they’re terrible. But all of the research studies have shown that they are
safe. Unless you have some lung condition or heart issue/not able to take stimulants (nicotine is a stimulant). But rest-assured, the nicotine liquid
isn’t going to kill ya if it gets on you as long as you just rinse with cold water asap.

I think that e-cigs saved my lungs. When I first made the swap, I coughed out all this black stuff for a couple of weeks. And then my lungs felt like
I’d never been a smoker in my life.

Please quit smoking cigarettes. Vape e-cigs instead.

I’m interested in seeing how many other vapers are on ATS. And I’d love to see your set-ups!!!
Questions are also welcome

–To add, I saw a thread on here asking how to clean an atomizer?

Answer: you can use vodka–anything you’d drink is fine though. I also regularly wash everything besides the battery and the atomizer with dishsoap
and hot water. I take it all apart and I clean it thoroughly. Especially the drip tip–those can get gunky from touching your lips all of the time!
(the cotton thing–if you do anything but put that in vodka/alcohol it is basically toast. If it is disposable, throw it away after 7-10 days of use
or when the flavor gets weak or tastes burnt or if you aren’t getting as big of a hit anymore.)

Oh, and I don’t think that anyone asked, but if you’ve ever heard of that whole formaldehyde thing, well, it is only a risk if you’re using those
KR808 batteries (V2, Blu (ew)) because they don’t burn hot enough. That’s why the chemical reaction occurs.

Anyway, please feel free to ask anything. I’m here to help

Swedish Schoolgirls Become Latest Victims of Migrant Harassment

I post this thinking about the psychological effect all this must be having on the school girls who are in fear of even going to their schools. Until
there is a severe crackdown on this type of behavior or worse will the end result will be euro girls starting to wear a sheet with two eye holes over
their bodies ?

I guess dear old dad could walk his daughter to and from school or even ride the public transportation with her.. Might interfere with his job but
surely the company would be understanding (sarcasm)..

A fourteen-year-old female high-school student named Emilia told the newspaper how a young man, her senior, threatened her, and then began
stalking her and her friends after school.

Her friend, Nora, confirmed the story, adding that she no longer wants to go to school.

A mother of one of the students said that her daughter is so afraid that she keeps the blinds in their house closed at all times.…

Kenneth Copeland: Ted Cruz Has Been Called And Anointed By God To Be POTUS

Kenneth Copeland Declares That Ted Cruz Has Been ‘Called And Anointed’ By God To Be The Next President

Whoa. Guys – this is from earlier today….
Rafael says Ted “spent six months in prayer”

it was his wife Heidi who interpreted the event………..that he was called by God to be the president……..

Ted said, “Here I am, Lord”………
and that’s when God annointed him……

Copeland, who believes that he can destroy the Ebola virus by speaking in tongues, introduced the elder Cruz by asserting that “I believe, with
all my heart, that his son is called and anointed to be the next president of the United States.”

After Cruz spoke for an hour, delivering his standard presentation urging Christians to vote in order to beat back secularism and take control of this
nation, Copeland asked him to recount how the Holy Spirit had descended upon a Cruz family prayer session and convinced Ted to seek the presidency,
which Rafael took as a sign that “God has raised him up for such a time as this.”

Then, several church elders gathered around Cruz in order to lay hands upon him and pray while Eagle Mountain International Church senior pastor
George Pearsons proclaimed that “we are in the midst right now of the new birth of this nation.”

– See more at:…

This really and truly makes me very, extremely uncomfortable.

In this video, Kenneth Copeland lays hands upon Rafael Cruz and declares that his son, Ted, has been anointed by God to be the next president of
the United States.

Just going to leave this here…….
I just threw up in my mouth a little

360 degree tour of former top secret Tacit Blue cockpit

Check out the link below to take a 360 degree virtual tour of this formerly TOP SECRET stealth demonstrator.

Not as otherworldly as you might expect from an Area 51 black project ,but it looks a lot cooler on the inside than it does on the outside.

Tacit Blue Cockpit

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